Kay Gardner was at the forefront of composers creating lyrical music for healing, relaxation and meditation. With her first recording, Mooncircles, in 1975, she pioneered the now-burgeoning field of sound healing. An inspiring teacher, recognized internationally as an authority on the healing properties of music, Gardner traveled to four continents performing her works in concert, presenting keynote addresses at major sound medicine conferences, lecturing at universities, and leading workshops.

By the early 1980s, Kay’s musical focus had shifted to studying the effects of music on the human body and the healing potential of music. Among the results of this study were “A Rainbow Path”, a series of musical compositions centered on each body chakra that explored the utilization of music in conjunction with the healing arts, and a textbook, “Sounding the Inner Landscape”, a collection of resources indicating a direction for musicians wishing to develop their music along a spiritual path.