Kay Gardner, Composer & Flutist

Dancing Souls Improvisations for Flute & Piano (2000) with Mary Watkins
Ladyslipper Records
My Mother's Garden Melodies for Solo Piano (1998)
Ladyslipper Records

Drone Zone Flutes with world drone instruments (1996)
The Relaxation Company
Ouroboros--Seasons of Life: Women's Passage s (1993)
An oratoro for six soloists, women's chorus and orchestra
Ladyslipper Records
OneSpirit Flutes & Nuru Abena on world drums & percussion (1992)
Ladyslipper Records
Amazon Alto flute meditations with live Peruvian jungle sounds (1991)
Ladyslipper Records
Sounding the Inner Landscape Guided meditations with music (1990)
Ladyslipper Records
Garden of Ecstacy Healing works for Chamber Ensemble (1989)
Ladyslipper Records
A Rainbow Path Orchestral chakra meditations (1984)
Ladyslipper Records
Ocean Moon compilation of Mooncircles and Emerging (1975 & 1978)
Urana Records

Drone Zone, Ouroboros, OneSpirit,
Sounding the Inner Landscape, Amazon, Garden of Ecstasy,
A Rainbow Path, Emerging, Mooncircles
All the above CDs and tapes are available from Ladyslipper

Avalon, Moods & Rituals, Fishersdaughter
out-of-print, limited copies available from Sea Gnomes Music

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